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Now that we are adjusting to living in a virtual work environment, how prepared are you and your team to pull off your next project? It’s a daunting task, but it’s not insurmountable if you keep some simple yet powerful concepts in mind. West Coast Careers wants to share five tips that will…(Read More)

Many leaders have crossed the first hurdles of moving their teams remote: ensuring colleagues have set up their tech tools, defined their processes, and permanently logged into their video conference accounts. But this is just the first step towards creating an effective work environment for remote employees. The next critical question we must ask…(Read More)

Employers should know the current times are not a moment to sit back. As a business executive leading through challenging circumstances, you understand that showing up and being present is more important than ever. Your employees, customers, shareholders, and the broader community of stakeholders in your organizations expect to hear how you’re keeping people…(Read More)

Resiliency is a key to succeeding in life. Without it, most people will succumb to the pressures that are put on us every day, especially during a pandemic. There is so much information on resiliency that it can actually make you overwhelmed and thus less resilient! That’s why West Coast Careers has put together…(Read More)