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Written By: Taylor Gordon, Senior Account Executive, West Coast Careers Let’s talk resume writing specifically for Sales Professionals. This is perhaps the #1 topic that I get asked about in my job on a daily basis. Luckily, and surprisingly, I’ve grown to love resume writing over the years – I should seriously consider starting…(Read More)

Many resolve to improve themselves in some capacity in the new year: lose weight, get in shape, get a promotion, make more money, spend more time with family and friends, work less, etc. But career achieving goals is a complex business–they take time, thought and strategy. Small, simple changes lay the foundation for major…(Read More)

Don’t give up on your job hunt during the holidays! Snag your new job while others are distracted or taking time off during the “slow” holiday period. Job seekers often suspend their job search for “the holidays,” from early or mid-November through New Year’s Day, on the theory that no one is…(Read More)

We all get there, at some point. We wake up and head to work, only to walk through the doors and realize whatever it was that motivated us in the weeks, months and years past is gone. The proverbial meteoric rise we were on has now stalled at its apex and you can feel that…(Read More)

We all have weaknesses and have experienced times of failure – but how we overcome those shortcomings often says a lot about our personalities and work ethics. Despite the lessons learned, our flaws are not always something we want to talk about, especially in a job interview. Regardless, it’s wise to be prepared for those…(Read More)

Many of us work the typical Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM job. This is very routine and most people think they have their routine down to an art. However, the truth is, a lot of adults feel stuck in their routine and often think of ways to make their days more…(Read More)

As we finish the month of February, perhaps it’s a good idea to find new ways to be inspired! Many people experience the beginning-of-the year slump, but the year is still new! Here are 100 motivational quotes that will inspire you to be successful!   100 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You…(Read More)

Happy New Year! A lot of people see the beginning of a new year as the perfect time to reflect on their lives and thinking of some new, positive ways to change and/or enhance their lives. In our office, we are focusing on starting each day with a smile and choosing to find things…(Read More)

Everyone knows that preparing for and going to an interview can be a nerve-wrecking process. From resume preparation and finding the best outfit to doing prior research on your potential employer, there are many things you can do to make sure you put your best foot forward and have the best interview you can…(Read More)