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Over the past few weeks, West Coast Careers has worked to gather the most up to date information on how employers feel and what they are doing to prepare a return to work. If you missed out on our considerations, feel free to watch the webinar below or read it instead! Introduction Alright, welcome everybody…(Read More)

On June 12th and 19th, West Coast Careers will be hosting a repeat webinar series for employers. The topic will be centered on helping employers decide when they should be returning to work and you’re invited! There is a lot of ambiguity as we move to a “new normal”. As a leader, it is…(Read More)

Nothing will shape a company’s employer brand as much as how it treats its workforce during the pandemic. But while doing right by your employees is essential, so is letting your employees and your talent pool know about the decisions you’re making and how they will impact your workforce and the…(Read More)