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A 2020 Guide to Efficient Hiring

As an employer, it’s always important to know that the demands of applicants are always changing. Consequentially, if you’re not paying attention to those changes, then you’re going to lag behind your competitors. This could cause you to lose the talent you need. The hiring process can also be challenging and inefficient for many unforeseen reasons. If you’re struggling to understand how to hire more efficiently, look no further. West Coast Careers has laid out a guide for employers to follow. The following four methods will enhance your capacity to obtain and retain the best through more efficient hiring.

1. Company Culture

When assessing your company’s culture, you have to firstly understand that having happy employees makes a happy company. To get to that point, it starts with taking the time to define your organization’s culture. This lets applicants know that you have paid attention to and followed workplace trends. This enables your organization to align applicant and organizational values to effectively pick a good fit.


By defining your culture with a mission statement. Similarly, establish a set of company values. This can be illustrated through branding initiatives.

2. Applicant Pools

You need to dive into a larger pool of applicants. Make sure you’re giving everyone a chance. Skills are transferable across industries and platforms.


Be flexible on experience levels and not too restrictive on qualifications. People learn quickly and you need to lean into that.

3. Collaborative Hiring

A key factor to a successful business is being able to network and knowing the right people. Sometimes the right people already work for you. Show your employees that you trust and value their opinions by taking into consideration their applicant suggestions.


Increase the diversity in your workplace through the welcoming of employee referrals.

4. Monitor Trending Benefits

Another factor to ensuring you’re offering competitive benefits is to keep up with other organizations. Staying up to date with the successes others report and adopting their methods will help you attract the right people. Just a few trending benefits in 2020 include:

  • PTO plans with no caps
  • Commute reimbursement for city-dwellers
  • Student loan assistance


Try listening to what your workers want and act accordingly. Never forget, happy people make a happy company.

Information provided by: Soloman Page