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Tips for a Successful Phone Interview!

Nowadays, with more and more employers opting to initially have a phone interview with a candidate, many wonder what they can do in order to have a successful first impression! Julia Malacoff, a blog writer with Glassdoor, posted an informational article recently highlighting the most important things to remember when preparing for and going through a phone interview with a prospective employer! Here are Julia’s tips for things you should never do during a phone interview:

  1. Never take the interview somewhere noisy.
  2. Don’t talk about personal life.
  3. Resist the urge to multitask!
  4. Skip the money conversation.
  5. Never put your interviewer on hold.
  6. Never skip the Q&A.
  7. Don’t be late.
  8. Don’t assume reception is good.
  9. Never talk over the interviewer.
  10. Skip filler words.
  11. Don’t go in blind.
  12. Nix long-winded answers.

Julia makes a lot of great points! To read the full article, click here!