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Success Comes in Many Forms!

As we move into the month of November, it is the perfect time to reflect on your life and what makes you feel successful. People can base their success on multiple factors: their accomplishments in their job, the monetary amount in their bank accounts, reaching personal goals, etc. When thinking about success, Inc.Com posted an article that was an excellent reminder that there are other ways to measure your success. The article asks seven thoughtful questions and states that if you can say “yes” to any of those seven questions, you are more successful than you think!

  1. Do I have close friends?
  2. Can I choose the people around me?
  3. Do I have enough money to make positive choices?
  4. Do I see failure as just training?
  5. Am I a giver?
  6. Do I put other people in the spotlight?
  7. Do I feel a real sense of purpose?

Each of these questions encourages the reader to think about aspects of their life that they probably would not normally think of. They invite the reader to measure progress and success in a way that allows them to find a path to fulfillment and to find ways to consider themselves successful outside of job and monetary success. To read the full article, click here!