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Building Rapport During a Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, there are many factors that can make you, the candidate, stand out. Asides from the obvious factors such as your resume and how questions are answered and what questions are asked, it is also important and beneficial to build rapport with the interviewer.  After all, companies look to hire people who are friendly and can converse, connect, and interact with their coworkers, clients, and managers.

There are quite a few extra things that you can do to create a lasting impression, on top of being polite, professional, and timely. TheBalance.Com posted a very informative article that included tips on how to build rapport with your interviewer. During your interview prep, it is also important to think of ways you can connect with your interviewer on a personal level.


  1. Start the interview the right way.
  2. Be friendly and personable.
  3. Show your interest in the person as well as the job.
  4. Make it personal.
  5. Remember good posture.
  6. Eye contact is important!
  7. Show your interest.
  8. If there are multiple interviewers, pay attention to everyone.
  9. Show that you get it.
  10. Ask about company culture.
  11. Thank your interviewers.
  12. Don’t wait to follow up.

To see more detailed information on each of these tips, find the article here!